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New Music Tuesday

Detroit's very own Big Sean dropped a soul searching introspective new single by the name of "Get My Shit Together " on his 28th Birthday , which was March 25th. Over the Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks beat, Sean the Don wises up and reflects on his journey (“I had a dream I died at 30, ni**a”), while name-dropping Michael Jackson, A$AP Rocky, Leonardo DiCaprio, and DJ Khaled.

He also speaks about his love life. “I’ve been choosin’ wrong girls my whole life / I hope I don’t fail the test again and have her goin’ through my texts again religiously like it’s the Old Testament and end up single, alone, and stressed again.” The song ends with him asking listeners to “please pray for us,” while a voice that sounds similar to Jhené Aiko chimes in.

To Hear “Get My Shit Together “ Press Play.

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