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Before the Hustle

You had a vision, then you created a list of goals. Now everything has to be accomplished within the periods of time that you set. If it's a minute late, your level of anxiety accelerates. You become an energizer bunny, trying to speed up the process. No one will stop you, or slow you down. But...GOD WILL!

Hustling With Class

Most people continuously set goals, and create plans without consulting GOD! Everything must go their way. So, what about GOD's way? Is his input successful enough to be added? More than likely you answered yes to the last question. Truth is, you're probably very familiar with the feeling of eagerness.

(EAGER- keen or ardent in desire or feeling; impatiently longing)

If you're impatiently waiting, then GOD has nothing to with your list of goals. Why? With faith patience is utilized. Where does faith come from? GOD!

(FAITH- Hebrews 11:1)

The Hustle Cycle

•GOD: Pray and seek him first. Allow him to lead you. Anything that doesn't flourish is not apart of his plan for you. He will not allow it to happen.

•LOVE: You have to love GOD in order to trust in him.

•FAITH: This develops once you learn to trust in GOD. You'll have a clear understanding of what he promised.

•HOPE: There will be no need for anxiousness. By now you've talked to GOD, and love him enough to have faith in his word. Meaning you will patiently await with hope.

Be a go-getter, but make sure you go get what's for you!

Remember...If it's GODLY, it's CLASSY!

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