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Book Review: The 20's Chronicles

"When you're in your 20's you are just trying to figure it out. There is no map or journey to success." -Bianca Bee

I found so much inspiration in this book! Talk Show Host Bianca Bee turned her Lifestyle Blog "The 20's Chronicles" into an awesome book for entrepreneurs on the come up and entrepreneurs moving to LA. I am in the process of graduating and I have been wanting to move to LA since I was 10 years old. I have always dreamed of being in the entertainment business and inspiring the world. This book gave me insight on the reality check I need to have with myself before I move to LA over the summer. I have been doing TV/Radio for the past 3 years and with each year there are new things that you learn and endure. And in this book I was reminded that there are a lot of people out in LA that are chasing the same dream that I'm chasing. But here is where I learned the new formula: PLOT.PLAN. SLAY! What's meant for you will be just for you. What's so unique about everyone is that there is only one YOU. Nobody else can be you. They may come close but they'll never steal your style and individuality.

My favorite chapter that I took the most notes on was Chapter 4 Branding and Networking! Bianca does such a wonderful job at branding and making a name for herself. This young lady will truly leave a legacy. In this chapter, I really took a lot of information in especially when she talks about never begging people to support you. I believe your work will ALWAYS speak for itself

. Do the work, stay consistent and watch yourself reap the harvest God has promised you. Also, remember that having a business plan, logo, website, great social media content and business cards are important! Let's learn how to invest in ourselves! This book is truly a great guide on how to succesfully navigate through family, friendships, show business and love.

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