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Creating Your Own Lane

Many of us lose focus and hope on alot of our dreams because we feel like everyone is doing it or you cant find any jobs in that field. This was my trouble in the beginning of 2015. I stopped doing radio and all internships at tv stations had been filled and they were not doing any call backs. I felt so stuck. I wanted to be in front of a camera so bad and didnt know where to start. So I decided that I was going to create my own YouTube Channel. This gave me creative freedom to express how I feel about different topics of dsicussion, This also gives me time to practice and get comfortable in front of camera. The next thing to do was to invest in myself. Investing into your brand and business is a huge step , but trust me it is worth it. And not everyone around you is going to understand but they will understand when the money starts rolling in. Your brand and your business will become your full time job. The more consistent you are with promoting and marketing yourself through social media the more people will notice. And yes, they are always things that we can do to perfect our crafts and visions and all of that will come with time. Once you create your own lane, its hard for you to be focused on someone else's. Your lane requires so much time and energy that you should be focused on bettering yourself.

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