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Rest Is Key

Rest is key! It is essential to living a healthy and successful life. We are all on a mission,right! We all want to succeed and yes we all have dreams, yet most of us feel that sleep is for the dead! Have you ever been told by people that sleep is for people who don’t want to succeed ???

That’s so not true! As I am slowly but surely making my way into the broadcasting business, I have found myself stressed out more than ever. I love doing all the things I do, however there is only 24 hours in a day and I barely have time to completely focus on anything because of my busy hectic schedule.

I am literally 12 credits away from graduating at Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree. And only a month away from graduating from Specs Howard School of Media Arts with a Broadcasting Media Arts degree.

I also have two internships. My morning internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays is from 4am until 10:00am, in which now I stay after to get some practice in, with recording commercials, voiceovers, and breaks for radio.

I absolutely love radio and have always saw myself as an on air personality. So although getting up may be a bit of a little drag, once I’m up , I’m pumped.

My second internship is working for a non profit organization called Detroit Impact in which I help with the mentoring initiative programs as well as come up with different curriculum to assist families and children with the necessary resources to be empowered and live a healthy functioning lifestyle in their communities.

So with two internships, 3 classes at Western Michigan University before graduation ( I could have sworn my audit said otherwise until the final process) , and a month away from graduating at another college, I HAVE BECOME BURNED OUT!

Why? Even though I am truly passionate about everything I am doing? Well, it’s because the average sleep I get per night is 3-4 hours. I’ll let you do the math!

What I am finding out is, if you want to train to be the best and win in the process , you have to be mentally and physically prepared for all the battles along the way.

Without getting enough sleep, you’ll be exhausted, burned out, and won’t have anything to give or fight for. Your work ethic will be less than you actually think.

Sleep is mental and physical! So forget the hype of what people tell you about “EFF SLEEP”. No love , GET YOUR SLEEP ON!

From the article ‘The Sleep Habits of Highly Successful People’ on, it stated that 1 in ten people have insomnia–” and if you’re one of them, you probably don’t need scientific studies to know how much it takes its toll, especially over time. Previous studies have shown that both too few and too many hours of sleep are linked to a number of health problems over time, and even to early mortality.”

By having a good night’s rest you’ll be more healthy, more beautiful and handsome as well as stronger to conquer the next day.

We have been taught in the world that sleep is for cowards or for bums. Babies sleep an average of 16 hours a day in order to grow. While they are sleeping , their bodies are working. Do you think the same does not happen even as you’re an adult?

No! YOUR BODY IS ALWAYS WORKING! Even when you are asleep.

Now I’m not saying that adults need 16 hours of sleep, (although if you have been up for 24-48 hours a day, you may need just about that much to function again) but 7-8 hours is not such a bad idea, even for successful and wealthy people!

Forbes stated that 28% of people wake up at 5 am, while 22% wake up at 7am. If half of the people in the world wake up before 10 am , are all of these people getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep?

That is a rhetorical question by the way.

Did you know a good night’s rest stops heat problems, the skin from aging, gaining weight,from getting sick by maintaining a healthy immune system?

In order to have a good night’s rest, remember being stress free will help you stay asleep.

No one ever gets anywhere fast and ROME was not built in one day, so never let someone tell you again that you’re not human and won’t be successful, if you sleep.

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