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Curves Ahead

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Curves Ahead

The debate for clothing lines to expand their sizes is never ending. Many companies like Forever 21 and even American Apparel are looking to expand their sizes. So what does this mean for the companies that haven't? Nothing but more bloggers, models, and designers looking to break the size barriers! Don't quite know what I mean? Well take a look.

A lot of bloggers or just curvy girls in general are simply breaking these barriers by wearing brands that don't particularly dedicate clothing to their size. One instance I always look to is Victoria's Secret. The all American angel, the toned size 2 that struts down the runway on TVs once a year, yet a size medium almost always passes for large. I'm not referring to the larges that are forced, but to how companies basically scare curvier girls off with their sizing campaigns. With just the appearance of smaller girls and your basic sizing chart, some curvy girls don't even attempt to try the clothing.

However, it takes women like the bloggers I noted above and even myself to know the simple rule of everything is not what it seems.

Yes, in a perfect world clothing companies should cater to all sizes and shapes, but then we wouldn't be able to set trends and stand out in positive ways. I just want women to take note that that this is exactly what it means to make fashion your own. Remember that fashion fades but style remains the same.

Thanks for reading! -TierraTee

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