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Do Yourself a Favor

I can't tell you how many times I have wasted my own time entertaining males that are just not making the cut. Every now and then you have to remind yourself of who you are and what is your sole purpose here. I can't speak for everyone else but my purpose is to do God's work while I'm still up and living. That should always be my main focus and then I believe that the rest will follow. We spend weeks and weeks , trying to get guys to notice that they need to pay more attention to us,text us and call us... NOPE! I don't believe that it should be like that. In the bible Proverbs 18:22 "He who finds a wife finds a good thing,And obtains favor from the Lord".

When men truly want to pursue you,you will know. And you have to understand that just because someone texts you everyday doesnt mean you guys are courting. As women we have to realize we have to set standards. If you want to go out on dates, let that be known if he cant rise to the occasion to do so play your positon and fall back. There is only so much you can do. A mature woman knows that a real man is going to step up to the plate and handle business. Stop trying to wait around and see what he will do and then months go by and you still havent been anywhere but to his house and on the couch for netflix and chill. Do yourself a favor and pull yourself together and stop crying over the same things. You are valued and you are loved. You're young go out and enjoy your life!!


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