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Entrepreneur Key Of The Week: FAITH

Faith: strong belief or trust in someone or something.

If you dont believe in yourself then no one else will. You have to faith in yourself. It shows in your confidence and in your character. We put faith in so many other things in life but do we truly activate our faith in oursleves and in God? Alot of us say that things will work out and then turn right around and start complaining becuase something fails the first time. If you have faith, you faith. Dont half step your faith. Believe that was is for you will be just for you. Even if your prayers have to be bolder and if you're actions have to be bolder. Do what you have to do to keep your sanity and faith. Even if you dont see results right away as long as you keep your faith and keep in your mind that you will win and you will succeed then that's enough faith to move all mountains! Happy Monday !


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