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Detroit Sleeves Mixer

If you missed this great networking event, please make sure you catch the next one! Congratulations to Ray Sleeves for putting on a great Networking Event for the start of 2016! This is a year to start your brands and businesses. There are so many opportunities and resources out here for entrepreneurs. This past Saturday I was able to attend and meet a lot of great people and actual get some new clients for my media business. So many great fashion designers, artists, and performers truly showed their passion, hard work and dedication. This event was able to display the various visions and talents of other people. Each designer and artist was unique in their own way. I was able to get glimpse of their world and a small piece of the creativity going through their heads daily. The event was held at Club Reign and it was great location, not too crowded so everybody could get around. I captured some great pictures and video footage that will be posted later this week but for now take a look at some of the pictures Kristy Love Media was able to capture! Enjoy your Monday!


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