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Entrust In Your Bizarre Vision

Businesses: Kay Sada’ is a lipstick line. Emerging Skirts is a Nonprofit Organization that empowers and promotes young women to become entrepreneurs.

Blogger: Passion & Ambition Pursing Blogger/ Beauty Blogger Twitter: IamKaySada Instagram IamKaySada YouTube IamKaySada Are you a college graduate with no job, or you’re not in a career of desire? Well there is a reason that you are unemployed. Keep on reading, I’m going to explain exactly why you are not landing your destined job. It is said that college is suppose to be a platform to place students in the career of their choice once graduated. According to the Economic Policy, there are 8.5 percent of young college graduate, ages 21-24, are unemployed, and 16.5 percent are underemployed. To say the least, this is true because I graduated for over a year and it has been more than difficult to find a job.

Has it dawned on you that maybe your calling is not to help size someone else’s empire? You are not made-up to hunt down corporate jobs that are more than likely paying less than your total school debt. Your sole purpose is to change the world by creating jobs. I’m sure being an entrepreneur has come across your brain sometime in your life. Here is the time to entrust in your bizarre vision; the ideal that keep popping up in the back of your mind, but you are steady ignoring it. You can totally become a young entrepreneur, create a successful business, and change lives so that you can reap the benefit of hiring college graduates. Do All thing with Love & Follow your Dreams! Kay

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