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Channeling Your Emotions Into Work

Photo Credit: Kyla McGrath

Having emotions and being emotional make humans separate and different than all other species on Earth. Yet sometimes as women , we have a habit to let our emotions dictate our behavior and judgement.

When people don’t find a healthy outlet in dealing with their negative situations, emotions can begin to overtake a person’s sanity in life.

Being sane is crucial! In order to have a healthy sense of self, make money, and to run a family, relationship, friendship, and yes even a business, a person needs their sanity.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to channel my own emotions and repressed feelings about my life experiences.

Blogging for the past 10 months has taught me a lot about my creative aspects. I’m always thinking on new topics to write about whether editorials, feature stories and interviews or my personal life.

My friends know me as being an OPEN BOOK! So free to express who and what I’m about without being afraid of any judgment from the rest of the world.

Learning how to channel your emotions into something productive requires discipline, learning from and sharing your experiences and knowing what your gifts are!

As I was going through one of my mood swings, I stumbled across a blog post by writer Jennifer Haupt.

She expresses how research has found that emotional sensitivity, introversion, vulnerability to negativity, are all common personality traits of highly creative people.

This makes total sense when you think on the creativeness of a writer, musician , painter, dancer, and those that use their art to express who they are as well as their emotions.

Artists and writers are 8 to 10 times more likely than others to suffer from mood disorders and depression.

A professor from the University of California, San Francisco, Wendy Berry Mendes did a study that explained how negative emotions can actually help drive creativeness.

“Creative people might be more likely to experience negative emotions,” says Mendes. ” Receiving negative compared to positive feedback was associated with enhanced creativity.”

Throughout my entire life I have been called ‘crazy’, ‘overly emotional’ and ‘ highly sensitive’. I always thought this was a negative thing, which in return imposed negative emotions on who I was . This was all because I didn’t know how to tunnel my emotions in a healthy fruitful way.

Shelley Carson, a professor from Harvard University says “All of your emotions color the way you see your environment, the way you recall memories, and, indeed, all aspects of your cognition.”

“They can either get in the way of your creative efforts, or you can use them to enhance your creativity.”

The 4 major emotions that we often have conflict with that can get in our way is fear, love, sadness, and anger.

We have often been told that fear can hold you in bondage. But in reality fear can be quite elevating and motivating!

How? Well, you can use all the fear you have inside to push you towards some type of positive action and greatness! The same also goes for anger!

Many people have the fear of being broke in life. Earning and having money is a direct result of some form of action.

The fear embedded in someone being afraid to be broke, pushes the sane person (who has the emotion of fear ) to think on ways to get money in a creative and fulfilling way.

It pushes the sane person to get ‘good money’, not ‘bad money’. Remember to keep the faith, because faith is the fuel in ending fear.

Having emotions are perfectly healthy! You just have to know ways to work them for your being. You want to be able to control your emotions by not suppressing them but by using them for your own good! Use your story !

Whether you’re a fashion designer, or blogger.We are all artists and we all have emotions that uphold power!

So if you’re hearing the words you’re too emotional, tunnel those emotions into your craft and gift to start making money.

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