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Who's Up Next: Kenyon Dixon

Photo Cred: Tyshon Lowe

Kenyon Dixon was born and raised in Watts (Los Angeles), California. He comes from a family background where music is no stranger to their ears. Growing up in Watts he was always surrounded by gang violence and drugs but he always was able to overcome his surroundings. He started off dancing professionally, he was trained in hip-hop and tap and traveled internationally. At the age of 12 and 13 he was teaching master class and workshops on dance.

“Drugs, gang violence, I don’t know for me it was different. I always saw something beyond all of that” says Dixon.

He’s worked with and/or toured as background vocalist for Nick Jonas, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Tyrese, John Legend, Faith Evans, Pharrell and More. The 2 Grammy nominated projects he’s written on are TGT's Three Kings and Tyrese's Open Invitation.

His latest commercial release in regards to songwriting is Tyrese's Black Rose album. He wrote 4 records on there. Both of his solo projects Higher Ground and Twenty Four are available on iTunes.

Philanthropically, Kenyon and a partner recently established career based workshops called “Thee Master Class.” It's a series of classes geared around entertainment (singing, songwriting, artistry, etc.).

“We played the workshop out ourselves, and did it based off our expertise. We sat down and created curriculum from the perspective of our younger self, asking questions that we had when we younger growing up “says Dixon.

They’re preparing creative individuals to position themselves for opportunities by sharing their own experience in these fields. Kenyon and his co-founder felt like a lot of people gain leverage/status and never reach back out as far as showing people how to actually obtain that success. Their first workshop, was held on November 8th, and was geared towards vocalists. They covered everything from professionalism and vocal health to the difference between background singing/lead vocals and gave them resources on where to find opportunities.

Be on the lookout for Grammy Nominated Kenyon Dixon as he takes rhythm and vibe to whole other level. He is currently working on his next release entitled SUPAFLY. It’s an EP set to be released early/mid December 2015.

“The experiences that I go through are inspirational, I’m musically driven, once you get into writing the feelings come indirectly.” Said Kenyon.

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Twitter : @kennygotsoul


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