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Stay Protected : Who is Elijah Shaw

Photo Cred: Dwayne Franklin

Who is Elijah Shaw? Elijah hails from Chicago and grew up in the inner city housing projects, Ida B. Wells. Not letting his environment define him, he started his own Security Consulting Firm . A full service security and investigative agency specializing in providing high-level protection, consultation and investigations to international public figures and the private sector. His business, Icon Services Corporation has been the hand picked choice to provide services to the corporate elite including several Fortune 500 Companies. People from all over the world including Australia and South Africa travel to the US to train with Elijah. He has successfully taken clients in and out of some of the most dangerous places on the planet including Palestine, Angola and Ferguson during the riots. Elijah started from the bottom and worked his way up. While he was in school, he started taking on small security jobs and in 1998 he started his own company . " It is really important for me to have an open communication with my clients so that I can understand what they would consider an intrusion and so that both of us are openly able to effectively know and do our roles. I want them to go about their day with no intrusion or invasion of privacy" says Shaw.

Shaw's company also provides traning courses for people interested in being involved in protected services. " My courses are designed so that trainees can see what exactly their days will be like when working. The days consist of problem solving, logistics, walking and driving." Elijah has been involved with both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions including the upcoming one in 2016. Elijah has also been around the world 5 times and has touched every continent except Antarctica. He also started doing photography to capture some of the beautiful and unique things he saw and recently launched a website called where he hosts the photos. The proceeds from the site go towards purchasing cameras for inner city youth to equip them with a means to a creative outlet.If you would like more information on his company or get to know more about Elijah Shaw you can visit his website and social media pages:



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