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College Girl Daze: Business and Beef

When it comes to Business , Beef has no room! And what I mean by that is those "haters" that you think you have, THEY DONT MATTER! What is more important the image of your business or brand? Or you going back and forth with someone on social media where everyone who looks up to you or future investors are looking to invest in your business? Certain battles you just cannot fight. Everyone is not going to like you and thats ok! Alot of the time people dont like you because they dont understand your vision. But its not for them to understand. God gave you the vision not them . So understand that not every action deserves a reaction. We must love on our enemies and pray for them. You dont need your brand or business having a bad name. We all are chasing after amazing opportunities. If you catch yourself being jealous of someone just know that God created enough for all of us. Get what God has for you. Dont display your anger out on social media or in public. YOU HAVE NO ROOM FOR IT. You need to be busy on whats the next step for yourself! Always focus on what God has for you, and he will open amazing doors and show you. Just be patient!

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