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Urban Republic *Artist Alert*

PHOTO CRED: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films

VIDEO: URBAN REPUBLIC " Heavy Artilery" feat. Fly D' Antoni

" We make socially conscious, but also diverse music". Meet Urban Republic, consisting of two natives from Kansas City, Dewey Da Don and Novacain. There are also the CEO's of LoudPack Production Company that host graphic designers, artist, and videographers.

While Dewey Da Don has a gritty aggressive type of flow with various street, and family background references (30Block). He also handles all business for Urban Republic, He does the Audio engineering work for the group and obtained his degree at Atlanta Institute of Music in fall 2012. Novacain, takes a more smoother laid back approach with his flow. He combines extensive vocabulary with moral aspects, and expresses both through his metaphors. He is the creative force behind Urban Republic from mixtape concepts, to video treatments.

" Music takes away the pain of any trials or tribulations that are going on in my life, performing is like nothing else matters at the time" says Novacain. " Everything that we been going through we channel that energy into the show. But we do anything to get prepared for the show WE GON PRAY!", says Dewey Da Don.

Dewey Da Don was once a troubled youth back in 2006 and became a better version of himself after attending Usher’s Camp New Look summer of 2007. This young man has set an example and has overcome many obstacles. His dedication, determination and drive has been amazing as he continues to progress with life and music. From being on the verge of standing before a judge as a teen to speaking in front of Congress as a young man, Dewey Da Don ,also known as James Harris has managed to defy the odds and can save lives with the story of how he overcame adversity.

"Hip Hop is a voice for the people and used to let out alot of things and we have to get back to that" says Novacain. There are not alot of artist out now that can give a voice to the streets or a voice to a reality of issues that go on in our neighborhoods and in our culture. By listening to the music of Urban Republic I was able to get more connected with Hip Hop itself and fall in love with the culture all over again. Go check out their website to get the latest news, blogs and music at : Check out their soundcloud to listen to their songs: To learn more info about these guys follow them on their social media pages :

Group Twitter and Instagram : Urbanrepublic2

Individual Instagram: Deweydadon & Novacain007

Individual Twitter: @iamthadon & @novacain007

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