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Sequoia B: 7 AM

Photo Cred:Luc-Richard Photography

"Failure is praise, if you feel like you've failed at something that's a good thing that means you can try something different". Meet Sequioa B . Sequoia Blodgett is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Draper University. Before her start up of becoming a young entrpreneur Blodgett was a senior video producer for Clear Channel’s ad agency, Creative Services Group. She also worked with several production companies where she did work with multiple mainstream artists, directed commercials, and shot fashion photography.

In March 2014 Blodgett got her wake up call that she needed to push herself and do more with her career. In that moment she was hospitalized and became very ill, the doctors didnt know what was wrong with her. Thats when she began to think " Is this it for me? Am I happy that all I did was create amazing visuals?", Blodgett said. And ever since then she has been unstoppable with her career moves. Her internet community, 7AM, focuses on personal and intimate relationship development. The idea came from her fascination with life coaching and the psychology behind human relationships.

When Sequoia heard about the opportunity to attend a school for up and coming entrepreneurs she jumped on the idea and applied and she was accepted. After completing the program, Blodgett came in 2nd place at Pitch Day and was awarded an angel investment for her business; she was the only person in her class to secure a solid deal.

While at Draper University, she developed key relationships and a valuable support system. " First impressions are very important. Im a huge introvert but I know how to go in and work a room. When you're making a first impression you have to think of the value you're adding to that person. You should always network with the intent of adding value", says Blodgett.

She can also be seen on the Season Finale of Startup U that will be airing on Thursday, October 15, at 5pm EST on ABC Family Network. Sequoia is to billionaire venture capitalist, Tim Draper, on Startup U what Ivanka Trump is to Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. I will definately be tuning in and I hope you guys will be watching ! AlsoTweet along with her (@SequoiaB) during the Season Finale using the hashtag #StartupU. For more information on Sequoia B go check out her webiste : Sequoia as well as her business website, .

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