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Dealing With Mental Dullness

We all go through the seasons where the mind is slow to react. When everything seems so bland when last month everything was going so well. I have been going through a stage of mental dullness this month. My energy was just not there. I think because I was getting adjusted to me going back to school. Im taking 13 credits so the last thing I wanted to do is lose focus and miss out on my opportunity to graduate in April. So this weekend I decided to take time to myself and just get deeply rooted in meditation, yoga and writing. I realized it is just so much better when you jus shut down your energy and start again. And I most definately dont want to go into a new month with mental dullness. I want to be ready and equipped. So here are some tips to deal with mental dullness:

A. Visualize filling your body with light

B. Imagine the mind as being of the nature of light

C. Visualize your mind as a sphere of radiant white light at your heart and imagine it rising up through the crown of your head to merge into the vastness of space

D. Reflect on things that cheer you up, lightne your mood, or expand your heart and mind.

E. Contemplate the inspiring example of people you admire, the benefits of kindness, the qualities of someone you really love, or other thigs or people in your life that you are grateful for.

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