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5 Ways For A Daily Meditation Practice

I have been practicing and studying the art of meditation for the past 2 years and I must say it calms my body very well. Everytime I miss a day without doing it I ask myself HOW COULD I MISS THIS? Alot of people ask me "HOW OFTEN DO YOU MEDITATE, HOW DO YOU MEDITATE, WHERE DOES YOUR CONCENTRATION GO?" I know that when I go in my room to meditate I have intentions on creating amazing vibrations to get my energy back balanced. So I wrote this blog to give some of my steps about how I go about Meditating:

1. Inspiration and Intention: Make sure you make it clear on what your intentions ar3e while meditating and start off with a prayer of gratitude. What are some things that may inspire you?

2. Concentration: Concentrate on your breathing pattern

3. Meditation: Quiet Meditation, use whatever technique you know to put you in a calm state of mind and at ease. Use your imagination. Visualze yourself on vacation, in your new office, in your new car, or simply anywhere in the universe. Just make sure its calm and your center yourself in that exact moment.

4. Dedication: End your session with a brief dedication, gathering and generated sharing the positive energy you just gained and sharing with other beings.

5. Application: Apply these skills and the energy that you just received as you go on about your day. Take insight, creativity, and compassion and apply them to the world today.

Some steps may be a bit difficult for you to obtain at first but nothing is easy on the first try. This is just a short practice but once you catch on and begin to explore deeper you can continue to explore your mind and heart with great energy.

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