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Bianca Bee BusyyBee Bootcamp

If you missed it, you have to make sure you attend the next one coming to a city near you! This past Saturday I attended a great event put together my Bianca Bee on branding, social media etiquette, blogging and becoming an influential talk show host. CONSISTENCY is always key! I was reminded of this last month. Always keep your followers wanting more with your brand. Bee Confident in your brand. If its your brand YOU NEED TO OWN IT! People always want to see what you have to offer because there is always someone who is waiting to take your opportunity. My favorite exercise that we did was the 30 second pitch. Do you know what would you would say to someone very important that wanted to know about your brand or business? I didnt either! But these are things that we have to start practicing and knowing. Who is your target audience and what is the message that you want to get across to your followers. Always know what your brand or business represents! We also shared some amazing stories and testimonies with each other with a few happy tears. Its always blessing to be around women that experience and understand your pain. Never be afraid to tell your story you would be surprised how many people go through the same thing. Overall this was a great networking event and was very intimate and real. Bianca was very genuine ,warm and welcoming with her tips and advice ! I would strongly recommend going to her next event and following her on social media and subscribing to her YouTube Channel!

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