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Preparing For June

I can say that May was really pretty awesome for me! Let me just start out by saying how grateful I was that I was able to manifest and learn to appreciate so many things.

The end of April I was able to receive a new job with better hours, higher pay and now I work for a black owned business. I was in a car accident on earlier in the month of May but in the middle of that I met a great guy. In my affirmation book earlier this year I wrote down that I wanted a Black 2017 Chevy Cruze and last week I was able to get that. I wrote down that I wanted to travel 2-3 times in a month and I was able to afford going to Los Angeles and New Orleans.

I wrote all things down and intentionally believed that they would happen. I only payed attention to the things that I loved and cared about the most and saw so much change in my life. When you know that God placed you on this earth for a reason and spend time learning and growing in your purpose you will be rewarded. But you have to be grateful for the position that you are currently in. Every morning you wake up do you pay attention to how beautiful it is outside or do you just pay attention to the traffic and how you're going to run late?

As you go into the new month of June remember to look everything that you love around you. Mentally get in the mind state that you were born to win ! Don't take no for an answer! This is your season!

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