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Talk About Only The Things That You Love

In the past two week's since I came back from vacation I had been looking into ways to increase and truly harness the force of love. Here are some things I remember by studying the Law of Attraction:

Whatever you speak out of your mouth is coming back at you like a boomerang.

Only speak and think about things that you LOVE.

Only talk about what you LOVE.

In order to attract more LOVE you must become LOVE.

Do you see the key thing listed in majority of the things that I learned... LOVE. In order to attract the perfect clients I need to feel and give more love to the ones that I have now.Instead of complaining about my jobs, relationships, or financial situations I need to only speak on the good things about these topics to harness the force of love.

So I have a new notebook where I list and only talk about the things that I love in each day so that I can attract more of that! I am not trying to attract anymore situations that make me feel like I need to be in bed for a whole day. This year I am looking to experience the highest forms of love and continue to be grateful for each new experience. Try talking more things that you love today and see what kind of great day you can manifest!

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