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What It Means To Be Free


The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

RESTRAINT. Don't you feel like the walls are always closing in? Every time you turn around you're being pulled back into a cycle because it's comfortable for you. Your mind can't shake it or let it go. You have given this thought, person, place or thing POWER over your mind.

But there always comes a point in time where we need to set ourselves free. We need to release everything that is not allowing us to grow. You deserve freedom. Freedom has no limits. Freedom is being open and willing to accept everything that comes your way. Freedom is living outside the box that you constantly put yourself in. Freedom is applying for that job even if you don't qualify for every single skill. Freedom is still loving , forgiving and praying for someone after they hurt you. Don't you want your freedom? Don't you want your power?

Freedom is instead of saying "It's ok" and saying NO THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. It's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. You know what things bother you and what things dont bother you. Take back control of your thoughts and feelings. Take action into working towards your freedom. Living with no restraints can seem risky to some people but for those that have never tried it, it's worth all the risks.

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