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Controversial Topics and TV: The Episode Of "Star" You Don't Want To Miss. Interview w

There are many topics that television viewers feel are uncomfortable with watching and discussing in their homes. However these topics need to be addressed to bring more light and bring people to be more aware of their judgements. Tonight's Episode of "Star" will bring out some emotions, questions and truths.

Alot of viewers have a problem with the displaying of opinions and truths of the LGBT community. On the show their is a transgender woman by the name of Amiyah who plays the role of Cotton. Queen Latifah known as Carlotta in her role plays the mother of Cotton on the show as well. Tyrese is playing the role of Pastor Harris with three children and divorced. Pastor Harris and Carlotta have become romantically involved and Carlotta has decided to invite Pastor Harris over to pray over her son who is in the process of transitioning into a woman. Here is where the controversy begins.

Here are some of the responses and feelings from this episode from Tyrese, Amiyah and Lee Daniels:

How did you approach the subject matter of this episode so that you could do it justice as a man of faith?

Tyrese: I'll be honest with you the struggle was real for me because I am a Christian man by faith. There is a particular belief system that we've been all raised to believe when it comes to Christianity. To be honest with you I had to talk to Lee Daniels and I had to consult with him because obviously I don't want to make any mistakes I don't want anybody in the LBGT community to come after me. To be honest it was all uncomfortable to shoot and it's going to be very uncomfortable for you all to see.

Being transgender or part of the LGBT community is taboo in the Black community on the personal side, how has it effected you on the career side?

Lee Daniels: Well I think we all have seen how it has effected me on the career side. I think that me living in my truth has caused quite a controversy but it has also upset alot of African Americans. However it has also liberated many Americans. My work speaks for itself and the body of work that I have speaks for itself. The show Empire has done what it's done because of the effect of me living in my truth . Me living in my truth was Empire . Star, Monster's Ball, Precious, The Butler all of those were what they were because I am living in my truth.

How did filming this particular episode change or educate you personally?

Amiyah: I wouldn't say that it changed me filming the scene because it happened in real life. The unfortunate and unpleasant part about is that I had real life issues to reflect on. I have been ambushed , I've been brought to therapists. Not necessarily someone praying the gay away but I've been prayed over and I think within filming this situation just to see the raw emotions played from Tyrese, Queen and not only myself. It didn't feel personal to me if felt personal to everyone because this is a situation that happens frequently.

What emotions are guys looking to stir up when viewers are watching this episode?:

Amiyah: I'm hoping for the truth. I'm hoping for people to tell the truth I'm hoping for people to see the truth . I want people to see how others feel. I think sometimes people don't realize how much of a bully they are. I hope that it brings forth people's truths.

With your work you deal with a lot of political issues, emotional, personal, real issues. Where do you take yourself to get to the level of what you portray on TV?

Lee Daniels: I try to tell stories that I know that we all as African American’s encounter but we never see. I go has the story been told before and am scared to tell it? If I am scared to tell it because we haven’t seen, I know that I am tapping into some other kind of shit that’s going to make everybody uncomfortable. Nothing I have ever done in my career has made me comfortable. I just listen to people’s stories. My cousin’s stories. You just gotta listen. I thank God that I have been given a voice so that I can tell my cousin’s stories. My neighbor’s stories. Some people are offended by how I articulate the stories. I am not a politician, I am an artist. At the end of the day, my heart is in the right place. I do it for my culture, my sexuality, it’s for America. Those are the agendas I am trying to hit home. I am trying to make America look at itself. Trump is a reflection of who we are and why we are where we are. He is our karma.


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