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2016 Forecast Trends

2016 Forecast Trends

The New Year is a start for new things. New habits, friendships, and most importantly new fashion trends. 2015 was full of trends that even went off and started more trends. So what are some things to expect in 2016? Let's see!

This year we are expecting a lot from the fashion world but here are some things that'll kick off the Spring.

1. Throw back sneakers. Companies like Adidas and Reebok have always had their original shoe designs, but come this year we are going to see them brig them back with new colors and designs.

2. Activewear. Over time we wearing activewear outside of actual active activities has become a thing and designers have caught. Two major companies to look at for your matching activewear sets and more is Nike and Adidas.

3. Fanny packs? We've seen a lot of things come back in style from past decades. But based on past runway shows belted purses are finding their way into several outfits and might find a way to yours soon.

4. Statement sunglasses. Sunglasses are always a must for Spring and Summer and a lot of different styles came this past year. Get ready for the glasses to get bigger and better. Designers are taking things up a notch for this timeless accessory.

Can't wait to see all the other trends that make way in 2016.

Thanks for reading

- Tierra Tee

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