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Kristy, Fix My BS (Belief System)

5 Week Group Coaching Experience

Kristy, Fix My Mind is my  intimate 5-week group coaching experience, in which you’ll learn how to master your mindset, develop unshakeable confidence and reclaim your power as you manifest your current main goal alongside other like individuals.

In this program I am helping you get rid of your BS (Belief System) that tells you:

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Are you that person that journals every day, buys all the self development books, watches motivational videos and content but you still feel like your results are stagnant and you’re not making any progress? 


Do you want to know why, and how you can change that ?

You haven’t seen the results you desire because you do not have the tools and support it truly takes to step into that version of you that is sick of their own BS and executing with ease. 

Are you confused about what you need to do to get to a place of inner peace, confidence & alignment so you can effortlessly manifest your desires?

 Are you struggling with getting rid of the old belief system that tells you “why you can’t”, overthinking and negative habits like procrastination, perfectionism, and playing small that are keeping you stuck and not in alignment with your biggest desires?

 Are you ready to finally overcome your limiting beliefs & disempowering emotions like fear and unworthiness, and raise your frequency so you can finally become a powerful magnet to the life you really want? 


 Are you full of self-doubt and a lack of confidence that stops you from taking action towards your goals, consistently - because you always end up distracting yourself, or talking yourself out of something?

If the answer was YES to these questions then you’re in the right place!

Week 1: Feeling Stuck/Belief System

Week 2: Releasing
The BS
(Belief System)


-What Is Your Current BS (Belief System)

-What Areas Do You Feel Stuck?

- Overcoming Trauma

-Emotional Freedom Exercises

-What Areas Do You Feel Stuck?

- Embodying The New Belief System 

-Self Esteem Work 

- Creating The New Story/Belief System

- Best Manifestation Practices

-Dealing With Stubborn Emotions

-Creating Your Mission Statement


-Stepping Into The Life You Want  

Week 4: Roadmap To New Habits

-Creating New Habits

-Let's Create Your Roadmap

-Goal Setting/ Group Activities 

Week 5: Celebrate You

-Celebrate YOUR WINS

-Tools To Increase Healthier Habits 

-Time Management Resources 

Week 5: Let's

What's Included In This 5 Week Program:

Welcome Package: A comprehensive welcome package with coaching questions, affirmations &mindset resources to gain a deeper understanding of who you are

High Quality Resources: High quality coaching resources as part of your homework to rewire your subconscious mind and set yourself up for consistent success and RESULTS! 

Lessons On Manifestations:  Lessons on manifestation to level up your receivership & become magnetic to all your desires.

5 x Week Group Coaching Calls :   75-minute group coaching calls with Kristy Love  to reset your mind & gain clarity on the most effective strategies to manifest your #1 goal.

 Exclusive NLP tools + strategies to reprogram your mind & clear out limiting thoughts, beliefs & behaviors that are keeping you stuck

Lifelong Connections:  Lifelong connections with like-minded individuals that are leveling up just like you!

Got Questions About This Program? 

Watch Kristy, Fix My BS Masterclass

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