Are you ready for a Powerful Weekend?

What is it that your passionate about? We all have something that were pursuing in life. There are so many different career paths that we decide to go down, but sometimes do you ever feel that you will never be the BEST at what you do? Why is it that we train our minds...

 Photo Cred: Rod at Photo Magic Studios




Wild, Artistic and Positive are the three words that this soon to be 20 year- old describes her brand. Meet artist Jasmine Robinson also known as " QT Jazz" from Atlanta, Georgia. This young lady is a woman wtih many talents no...


We all go through the seasons where the mind is slow to react. When everything seems so bland when last month everything was going so well. I have been going through a stage of mental dullness this month. My energy was just not there. I think because I was getting adj...


I have been practicing and studying the art of meditation for the past 2 years and I must say it calms my body very well. Everytime I miss a day without doing it I ask myself HOW COULD I MISS THIS? Alot of people ask me "HOW OFTEN DO YOU MEDITATE, HOW DO YOU MEDITATE,...


 If you missed it, you have to make sure you attend the next one coming to a city near you! This past Saturday I attended a great event put together my Bianca Bee on branding, social media etiquette,  blogging and becoming an influential talk show host. CONSISTENCY is...

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