Tuesday,  July 25th I was able to view the first movie premiere at the Fox Theater for the movie Detroit.  “Detroit” is set during the rioting that shook the city in the summer of 1967. I have been studying on riots and cities being burned down from the 1960s movements...

This past weekend I was able to travel to Atlanta to host the 1st Annual Life Coaching Network Awards. Let me just say that this network has bought me closer to other life coaches all over the world. I became a Life Coach around August of last year and have experienced...

Imagine all the things that you can accomplish when you truly live out your dreams. All the things that we keep putting off until we have the money, until our kids are older, until that next check  comes... it's all in perfect timing. A lot of us have  constant dreams...

Happy Monday Morning!

I love to start off my week with a set of positive affirmations that I know will help me plant positive seeds for growth!

Today I am so thankful that I will have successful meetings today.

Thank you that I have money in my account.

Thank you that peac...

I can say that May was really pretty awesome for me! Let me just start out by saying how grateful I was that I was able to manifest and learn to appreciate so many things. 

The end of April I was able to receive a new job with better hours, higher  pay and now I  work...

No one likes to be alone but sometimes isolation is the best thing so that you can learn more about yourself. You need to learn what you do like and what you don't like. And with each new season you discover more things about yourself that you may have noticed a couple...

Once you have a major shift in how you feel or what you think you have to make sure you stay in flow. Sometimes we express how we feel about a certain situation to our friends and family and listen to their advice or opinions. Some advice is wanted, some is not. If you...

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